Lara Masonry

Lara masonry. is a masonry company committed to delivering top-of-the-line masonry services backed by excellence in workmanship and customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is not just an empty promise but the most important factor in our evaluation of each project’s success. The majority of the work the company performs is in response to requests from contractors and individuals that have used our services in the past.

Our Mission & Vision

VISION Founded by Roberto Lara in 1999, the vision for Lara Masonry was to be a business based on outstanding technical skills, tenacity, innovation and an absolute commitment to all his clients and their projects but also to his employees and their careers. In 2012, Heritage Masonry still aspires to this vision.


Lara Masonry is committed to being the countries leading and most diversified stone masonry and hard landscapes contracting and services provider through our unique delivery model of specialist skills integrated with strong project management. To achieve this we will:

Employ the most highly skilled tradesman available who are totally competent and able to carry out projects to the clients exact requirements.

Ensure there is a Quality Management System in place to give the client, employees and all other parties involved assurance that any given task will be undertaken and completed to a very high standard and that the proper course of action will be taken throughout the project to achieve this.

Commit to the successful completion of a wide variety of construction, restoration and civil engineering projects that not only meets our currently applied skill criteria but also provides us with new challenges that benefit our company by means of increased skill levels, knowledge and project understanding.