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Lara Masonry has completed masonry projects. Top supervisory personnel along with skilled masons and laborers help us in task to provide exceptional quality, on time and on budget.

Brick Veneer Installation Brick Veneer Installation

Brick cladding, also called brick veneer, will dress up the exterior walls of your home. Brick veneer is essentially a one-wythe wall attached to the house. After a few preparatory steps, you apply it using the same techniques as you would for a running-bond wall. The first step is to establish a solid bed for the brick to rest on.

Block Installation Block Installation

Construction block are great for making foundations, walls or almost any application. masonry construction blocks are made of high quality concrete to maintain long lasting strength.

Stone Installation Stone Installation

Stone walls are a sturdy but beautiful landscaping option property owners use to for a variety of purposes, including marking property boundaries and enclosing flowerbeds. They can last for decades, allowing future generations to enjoy their natural beauty. You can use mortar for installation, but traditional stone walls are stacked and layered without cement, a practice known as "dry stacking." Dry-stacked stone walls are less messy during installation and are more durable since they can rise and fall with the ground as it thaws and freezes. Installing stone walls can be very labor-intensive, so observe safe lifting and moving procedures throughout the building process

Glass Block InstallationGlass Block Installation

Modern glass blocks, also known as glass brick, are manufactured by bonding together two molded pieces of glass under high temperatures (around 800 degrees Celsius), leaving an insulating air cavity of partial vacuum in the middle. After being fused, the blocks are annealed in a cooling oven for strength.


Pavers don't expand due to moisture absorption, which could cause traditional paving methods to lift. Therefore, frost damage is virtually non-existent as the joints between the pavers absorb the damaging powers of frost by flexing and not cracking.

Masonry Estimates Masonry Estimates

With over 12 years of valuable industry experience, Lara Masonry have the know-how and expertise to handle your next masonry project promptly and proficiently.

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